Health begins and ends at cellular level.

Cell damage occurs every day, from sun exposure, environmental conditions, poor diet, stress (physical and emotional) and health challenges so our body is in a constant state of healing itself, that is, repairing and replacing it's cells.  ​Fortunately our cells make their own 'tools' for repairing the damage that occurs. 

Our cells most fundamental healing tools are called Redox Signalling Molecules​.

Redox Signalling Molecules play a key role in the vital cell functions of Protect, Repair and Replace; protecting cells against damage, repairing cells that have become damaged and replacing cells that are too damaged to repair, so are vital to the immune system and to cellular healing mechanisms.

When we are young our bodies make plenty of these amazing  molecules.  Which is why children can be active all day and not even ache the next morning. As we grow older our cells ability to make these molecules dwindles. As these molecules diminish so does our bodies ability to repair and heal itself, hence why adults end up ill or injured more so than younger people.  We become weaker and experience health challenges.  We age.

Medical scientists discovered a link between health, aging and our cells most fundamental healing tool - Redox Signaling Molecules. But with no way to naturally increase the Redox Signalling Molecules within our cells, we’ve been left with coping with aging and health challenges by a pill for this, a remedy for that, but never really getting to the foundation of cellular health and rejeuvenation.

So imagine if we were able to replenish our supply of Redox Signalling Molecules. To be able to supplement and replenish these molecules would be a breakthrough….

For the past two decades medical scientists have been studying Redox Signalling in the human body but producing them outside of the human cell in a stabilized and balanced form was considered impossible.  Then two bodies of science came together Redox Research and Molecular Restructuring……

…..Let me introduce you to the latest modern scientific breakthrough.  One that will affect almost all areas of health science and personal well-being.  One that many in the scientific and medical communities are calling the single greatest health science breakthrough of our lifetime.

What is Asea?


Asea is the only source of balanced, stabilised, Redox Signaling Molecules identical to those our bodies make.

Redox Signaling Molecules are completely native to the body.  Both medical professionals and natural health practitioners are witnessing unprecedented improvement in the health of their patients and clients as they take Asea.

What People Have To Say About Asea

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