Mind Body Balance Studio in association with MindMasters now offer 

Corporate Wellness Solutions 


Using the optimum potential of mind, body and holistic approaches.


Many companies are taking workplace wellness more seriously now.  If the end goal is a happier, healthier workplace, less sickness and increased productivity, then both employers and employees need to be actively involved and share this vision.


Workplace Wellness shouldn’t be boring.  Human beings need to be challenged and stimulated in different ways and by different means in order to create change, increase wellness and motivate productivity. 



Engagement, inspiration, motivation and support are the keys to successful wellness solutions. 



We have created a series of unique and dynamic workshops and presentations that are designed to evolve over time, enabling them to be integrated into the fabric of your company’s culture and ensure the best possibility of long term success.



As facilitators of workplace wellness, we can help you reinvent your path to sustainable success. 



Our solutions inspire both employees and employers to think differently about wellness and what it means to them both personally and professionally.


  • Stress Management
    • Relaxation Techniques
    • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Healthy Eating Assessment & Coaching
    • How Food Affects Mood
  • Identifying & Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue
  • Mood Contagion in the Workplace
                         And more....


We offer group and 1-2-1 sessions and can also create bespoke workshops and presentations tailored to the individual needs of each organisation.  


If you'd like to find out more about how your company and employees will benefit from our Wellness Solutions,
Visit www.mbbscorporate.com

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"Over the years that I have known Shannon Douglas I have been impressed at the depth of her knowledge and practical grasp of the essentials of balanced mind & body wellness.


Shannon has a strong determination and track record in helping people to balance their work and personal lives to enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Shannon can call on considerable knowledge about the mind body connection, holistic approaches and complementary healthcare, which enables her to help with a wide range of wellness issues. She has certainly been able to advise and guide me and members of my team on wellness matters."


John Donaldson - Director, Coach Support Service and Positive Input



"After meeting with Adel at a networking event and personally experiencing her services, I engaged her to present a stress management session to my company – Jobwise – at a Company Evening.  The session was very professional and at the same time entertaining – and engaged all 30 of our staff (which is quite difficult to do!)  Adel is very credible and knowledgeable."


Leanne Goodwin - MD, Jobwise Ltd



"That was one of the most interesting presentations I have attended in a very long time. Great subject matter and delivered very professionally."


Debi Felloni - MD, Best of Bury 

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