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Nature’s Sunshine are the world's largest manufacturer of encapsulated herbs, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and world leaders in combining natural ingredients to achieve the best synergistic effects and optimal results.


Nature's Sunshine products use only the finest organic and wild crafted ingredients. From the very beginning the best certified organic farmers are fully audited with rigorous onsite inspections from the company’s scientists and technicians. Many farmers have advised the auditors that their farming practices have not been audited by other companies and many do not pass the rigorous standards and tests, only the best pass.


The products are then manufactured to the highest of standards.  Nature's Sunshine manufacturing plant houses an extensive team of dedicated experts including botanists, biologists, herbalists, nutritionists, pharmacists, pharmacologists and pharmacognosists. Nine dedicated Research & Development and Quality Assurance labs are equipped with the most technologically advanced testing equipment.


Despite the onsite inspections at the farms, once the raw material reaches the plant, every single batch is tested. More than 500 different tests and procedures are used to ensure the quality, purity and potency of the raw materials.


Nature’s Sunshine does not use synthetic ingredients, herbs that have been sprayed with pesticides or artificial flavours and additives. 


The plant species of each batch and the profile of the plants active ingredients are verified using several different procedures including Thin Layer Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy.


Ingredient testing occurs during all stages of the manufacturing process. Each batch is tested for microbiological contamination (E.coli, Salmonella, yeast, mold and other pathogens), heavy metal contamination (Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead etc), pesticides, herbicides & fungicides, PBC’s, radiation, ash and adulteration, to name a few.


If any batch fails any part of the tests the entire batch is destroyed, guaranteeing the potency, efficacy and purity of the products and thus ensuring only the finest and purest products reach the consumer.


All products are made to pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) standards.

Nature's Sunshine products are fully compliant with the American Food and Drug Administration and international regulations.

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