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Farewell UK!

August 2015

Mind Body Balance Studio bids a fond farewell to the UK in August 2015 and moves to New Zealand!

Programme Slim with the Anti Dieting Diva!

May 2014


Programme Slim is a personalised, holistic, weight loss and wellness programme focusing specifically on you and your needs when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.


The Anti Dieting Diva is a women’s weight loss specialist focusing specifically on you to help you release yourself from self defeating behaviours and limiting beliefs, develop a healthier lifestyle and a whole new relationship with food, lose weight, claim your health back, look and feel good in your own skin, without dieting or depriving yourself of your favourite foods.

Mind Body Balance Studio Takes Up Residence At Spa Satori

June 2013


Mind Body Balance Studio it pleased to announce their partnership with Spa Satori. Taking up residence at the spa in June 2013. 


Since 2010 I have referred many of my clients to Spa Satori to enable them to receive a complete holistic wellness experience.  Having built a solid relationship, both personal and professional, with Jennie Lawrenson the owner and director of Spa Satori, I was very pleased to be invited into a partnership with the spa and  Mind Body Balance Studio relocated to Spa Satori in June 2013.  

Spa Satori (formerly Inner Sanctuary), situated in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter, was established in 2002 and has since built its reputation providing the highest standard of healthcare and wellbeing treatments.

Spa Satori offers an extensive variety of unisex spa & beauty therapies including the 'Ultimate Stress Relief' Massage, Hot Volcanic Stones, balancing Reflexology and Aromatherapy, detoxing Colonic Hydrotherapy and much more.

The treatments and therapies offered by both Mind Body Balance Studio and Spa Satori work in perfect synergy to give you a complete holistic wellness experience.

Mind Body Balance Studio and Spa Satori are passionate about giving you the best specialist care and attention at our complete holistic wellness and pampering city centre retreat.


Relax in calming and luxurious surroundings and leave feeling revived, rejuvenated and refreshed!

Our New Website!

October 2012

Our new website was designed by AdHoc VA

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