Tried different ways to quit smoking but nothing had a long lasting effect?


There have been many solutions provided to help people quit smoking ranging from pure will power to nicotine patches, chewing gums and placebos. All smokers go through a grueling time giving up the habit these ways and for most smokers who use these methods, quitting is only short-lived. This is because apart from being an addiction, smoking developed into a habit, a “learned behaviour” which has become “stuck” or “programmed” in the subconscious mind, so needs to be addressed on a subconscious level.


For most people, the habit of smoking is highlighted at specific points in their daily routine or lifestyle:

  • Upon waking up

  • While walking or driving somewhere

  • During breaks at work - or for an excuse for a break

  • Before or after a meal

  • While on the phone or watching TV

  • While out socialising

  • While studying for exams / preparing for an interview etc.

  • Or at times when they feel stressed or anxious, shy, nervous ,bored etc.

We all know that smoking causes many types of health issues and life threatening health issues. 

But many people put the instant gratification associated with smoking ahead of the medium and long term benefits of being a healthy non-smoker.

The subconscious mind holds the key to addictions and habits. By addressing the habit on a subconscious level, any barriers to breaking it can be unlocked and overcome, so a new healthier smoke free lifestyle can be achieved.

The  Commit to Quit!  stop smoking process is a powerful combination of a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy technique and Hypnotherapy, making it an in-depth and profound approach to stopping smoking. The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy exercise addresses the habit, it’s triggers and what you can do instead of smoking, and brings it to the fore on a conscious level. Then on a subconscious level, whilst in the hypnotic state, the positive results from the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy exercise are fed into the subconscious. Hypnotic suggestions and speaking directly with the subconscious mind bypasses the conscious element and reinforces the benefits of quitting by undoing limiting beliefs and replacing them with new positive behaviours and beliefs.

Commit to Quit!  is a three and a half hour session involving the completion of an evaluation form and discussion of what has been put in the evaluation form, the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy exercise and the Hypnotherapy session.

You will receive 2 reinforcement CD's or MP3's to help reinforce your commitment to remain a healthy non-smoker. You will receive the first immediately following your Commit to Quit! session and the second 10 days to 2 weeks later.

You will also receive an email a week for 8 weeks.  Each email will contain supportive, helpful information to also help reinforce your commitment to remain a healthy non-smoker.


Time to take responsibility for your life, health and happiness?


It's simple when you....



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