I have received some lovely testimonials from clients who say they are more than happy for their testimonials to be published, but due to the deeply personal nature of what the therapy was for, some would like to remain anonymous.  All testimonials on this page have been authorised by the writer to be published.

Programme Slim [May 2014]


have tried all the diets and slimming clubs.  I was the star pupil, but I got to the end of my tether with dieting and shakes because I always put the weight back on.  With this programme I feel that I have finally got freedom from food.  It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I don't over eat when I'm tired or stressed.  I'm chosing healthier options because I want to, not because I have to, like when you're on a diet.  I went from eating seven or eight chocolate bars a day! to only four pieces of chocolate, one jaffa cake and four Revels in two weeks.  I don't feel deprived at all because I know that if I want an occasional treat, I can have one. I'm not constantly thinking about food because I'm not on a diet and I'm steadily losing weight.  This really is a learning process, you have to experience it.  It makes you understand things and why and it all makes sense.  And listening to the hypnotherapy recordings is so relaxing.  I'm not as stressed and I just feel much better within myself and about myself.  I know that this is a journey, a complete change, and I know it will take time, but i'm ok about that because I know it's working.  


Emma Radcliffe

Programme Slim [April 2014]


Prior to undertaking my sessions with Shannon I did lots of research and spoke to several Hypnotherapist’s as I wanted to ensure I found someone who was the right fit for me.  What really impressed me with Shannon was how she was so well prepared prior to my first session.  My first meeting she had already reviewed the questionnaire that I had completed and this meant she could spend time digging deeper into my answers.  The questionnaire did really make you think – Yes I do that and Yes that’s me.  Having tried and failed many times on diets I was finally understanding it was because I expected too much too quickly and didn’t see this as a longer term objective.

Shannon spent time to understand why weight loss was important for me and what I wanted to achieve from it.  This really helped me understand what my motivation was and that this was more of a life style change for life and not a quick fix.


Before my first session I wondered how I would feel and thought perhaps that I wouldn’t be able to relax enough.  However I really enjoyed it and feel really good after the session and still do when I listen to the tapes.  I can still then hear Shannon reinforcing good habits in my subconscious.  I noticed this more at work when people are sat eating sweets and chocolate I can say no thanks and mean it!   I loved my second session and loved the visualisation session as it really helps you to look at where you are going to be and think positive. 


My biggest change in my diet has to be WATER I can’t stress enough how much better I feel drinking more water.  The effect on my skin is brilliant and also on how much better I feel than drinking lots of tea or worse alcohol.  I’m more alert in the mornings and I’m more productive as an employee.  Water is the best tip that you can give anyone.   I also now don’t need to sit and drink to relax – which was really an excuse.  I can spend time with friends enjoying their company and also I have started to declutter the house and sell things on eBay. 


I think my favourite foods are now Porridge and sweet potato!  No longer crisps, white bread.  I don’t feel hungry or deprived as I’m not on a diet I am changing my life style longer term, so I can have a treat just not every day.  


In the last 15 years this is the longest time I have followed a healthy eating plan.  I complete my diary every day, I have my vision board on my desk and my pledge is the first thing I see in the mornings.  Yes I will have times when I may over indulge but I know I’m no longer that person.  I have goals I’m working to and one is my flight away in September I will fasten that seat belt comfortably!


On the whole meeting Shannon has been a blessing as I think through my sessions and my continued life style changes I will live longer and enjoy a healthy life along the way.  Shannon is really interested in me as a person who wants me to succeed; she keeps in touch and will always make time for you if you need it.   Thanks Shannon you are the little angel in my subconscious who is helping me every day make the right choices!!!


Helena Ridsdale

Live Blood Analysis [March 2014]


I found live blood analysis appealing as it can give an indication of the state of ones health before anything goes wrong. So it’s a pro-active health choice to alleviate a cause rather than a symptom.

I felt in good health before my analysis although I was sometimes lethargic and was aware I could make better dietary choices.

The experience of the analysis was for me very interesting and the report I received from Shannon was very well presented with photos and explanations of what was identified, lots of content and recommendations for a more holistically balanced life. 


Following my assessment, I am definitely more aware and more conscious of my food choices.  This has led to a more balanced lifestyle regarding my relationship with food and as a result I have more energy and am more alert generally.  It’s on the other side of such a process that you feel the benefit. You would have to experience it for yourself.  It’s definitely had a most positive impact on me and how I see my health.

Paul Mckay ~ West Yorkshire

From the mother of an 11 year old girl who suffered with unusual fears resulting in anxiety and OCD (hand washing and removing perceived unclean/unsafe items from the room)



This mother contacted me to enquire about hypnotherapy for her daughter.  They had tried many other sources of help over several years but nothing was effective.  I explained I had not had much experience working in hypnotherapy with children, but I would be happy to work with her with EFT.  I sent her some information and links about EFT for children and spoke with her over the phone.  She explained that she felt hypnotherapy was the approach she wanted to take, so I offered to speak with other hypnotherapists who did have experience working with children, on her behalf, so I could refer her to an appropriate hypnotherapist.  She agreed and I kept her updated along they way with regards to who I was speaking with and what their qualifications and experience was.  I referred her to three of the hypnotherapists I had spoken with who I felt was best fit for helping with this issue.  However, she was adamant that she felt I could help.  I invited her and her daughter in for a consultation and instantly developed a very comfortable rapport with the child.  I work intuitively with my clients and whilst speaking with the child, I felt that it would be appropriate to adapt one of the hypnotherapy techniques I had developed for my adult clients, for her.  I explained the technique to them, and so it was agreed.


[November 2013 - following initial consultation]


​Hi Shannon,

She left feeling positive after talking with you.  She still has worries but is doing a little better with a new outlook on things. Looking forward to the hypnotherapy session now.



[December 2013 - follow ups from hypnotherapy]


Hi Shannon,
The first week was fantastic, she was like a different person, we couldn't believe the change. As time went on she slightly slipped back but she is not in the bad place where she was when we first came in.  We're going to really work on things now to get her back up there.  She listens to her CD once a day and her positive thoughts diary which she writes in every day is going well with some good things in it.


Hi Shannon,
I do want to say, coming to you was the best thing we ever did.  That change in her for the first week was unbelieveable and we couldn't have got there without your help.  I wasn't expecting her to change immediately.  A few lows along the way are to be expected, she just needs to keep up with it and eventually the changes she makes will be forever.



[January 2014]


Hi Shannon,
I have passed your details on to someone whose husband has similar issues.  My mum recommended you to her after noticing the change in [*child*].

Public Speaking, Social Anxiety - [October 2012]

Hi Shannon.  I don't think I need another session, I feel so much better in myself I can't explain it.  I gave the presentation at work last week, just a couple of days after our last session and it went really well.  I felt totally confident delivering it and didn't experience any self doubt.  I thought it might have just been because our last session was so recent and I continued listening to my CD but today I attended a networking event and I didn't feel nervous or inadequate when I was approached by people, in fact I enjoyed it, no anxiety whatsoever and I'm actually looking forward to the next one.  I feel really comfortable with myself now.  Our sessions have made a huge difference to me in both my personal and professional life and I really feel confident that I can progress in my career now.  I'm amazed at how quickly this has happened but I feel better in myself than I have for a long long time.  Thanks for all your help and understanding.  Andrew

[August 2012]

Hi Shannon,

I'm so pleased to let you know that I am still a non-smoker and I really do believe that this time I will remain so.  The hypnotherapy was very intense but it hit all the right nerves in all the right ways.  As did making me aware of the affect smoking is really having on me, my health and my family.  The information you give out has also been a great help, particularly in making me aware of the excuses I was hiding behind that prevented me from quitting properly and also what to expect should I get any cravings and how to manage them.  I feel so much better in myself and even though I feel that I really have quit this time, I still listen to the CD occasionally and that really reinforces it.  So thanks Shannon, thanks.


Low Self Esteem / Self Worth

[1st email - March 2012]

Just a quick hello to let you know how I'm getting on. I've been listening to your CD for the past couple of weeks and I can definitely feel a big difference in myself. I'm not as on edge as I was when I first came to see you because I now listen to every word you say on the CD. It's a very good thing that you produced and although it cost me a few quid i feel it was worth every penny. Thank you. Frank

[2nd Email - May 2012]

Hello Shannon.

Thought I would send you an email to let you know how I'm getting on.  Since our last meeting I've still been listening to your CD's and taking in whats on them, and I can say in all honesty that my whole outlook on life is very different to how it used to be. I feel more positive and I don't look back on any crap that used to constantly plague my mind like before. Obviously I've also had my own input into changing my life but your CD's have helped enormously.  

Take care and thank you again. Frank

[September  2011]

Thank you Shannon for what has been a life changing experience. I have tried all kinds of diets and slimming clubs but none of them had the desired effect. I was so pleased even after just the first session with you and I recommended Hypno-Band to friend of mine who lives down south, however with her therapist she did not receive the information in the folder you gave me or the nutritional advice. The information you provided in the handout has been invaluable and the CD's have been so motivating. I'm loving my slimming mirror, I have formed a healthy relationship with water and I now honestly have a whole new relationship with food, as you said I would. And you're right, I now value my health and have much more respect for it. Thank you so much Shannon I can't thank you enough.  Claire

Paranoia, Social Anxiety - [September 2011]

Hi Shannon,

First let me say a massive thank you. Since that last session my life has improved significantly.

1) I'm starting to laugh more
2) I'm more relaxed more of the time
3) I find myself day dreaming occasionally. I cant remember the last time I did this because my mind was on the go 24/7.

I am so much more relaxed.  If I put it in to context, if 0% was when I felt my lowest and when I first came to see you I was at say 40% I reckon I'm about 60-65% now. If you could bump me up another 20% I would be over the moon.  For years I never thought I would get out of this anxiety but I am seeing tangible improvements and I feel I am getting close to good shape. I'd really appreciate it if we could have another appointment?


OCD - [September 2011]

Hi Shannon,

So far I've noticed a big difference since Wednesday. Not touching the bed, not getting anxious as much about mess and much happier at home. I've set myself a reminder to get back in touch in a few weeks and I'll listen to the CD and try your recommendations in the meantime. Test coming up at the weekend with more visitors coming.

See you soon.

[August 2011]

Hi Shannon.

I just want to let you know that I was skeptical at first because I have tried to lose weight for so long but nothing seemed to work. I am so pleasantly surprised at how effective the Hypno-Band process has been. None of the triggers ever occurred to me before, why I would allow myself to pig out and what situations caused me to just eat. Becoming aware of them came as quite a surprise because I never considered any of it. I am now so much more aware of things, 'when, what and how much I eat'. I'm steadily losing weight and no longer suffer from indigestion and my car is no longer a tip! I even enjoy going to the supermarket with my wife, buying healthy good food. It's been fantastic, I never thought it would happen for me. Thanks for all your support and encouragement and enthusiasm. I'm definitely recommending you.

All the best, Antony.

[May 2011]

Hi Shannon.

I looked at my previous measurements last night and they were 53.5 - 49 - 56. So far I have lost 3.5inches off my bust, 3 off my waist and 7(!) off my hips.


I wasn't sure if/where you'd like me to post feedback/testimonials so I've just put something here and you can use it wherever you like.


"Shannon's holistic approach to weight loss hypnotherapy has been amazingly helpful - the best technique I have ever tried! I have lost 2 stone in 2 months and am continuing with consistent, healthy losses. The techniques and suggestions have helped me take a better, healthier view of food and eating habits and I am feeling the benefits in my health and my wardrobe! Many thanks, Shannon, you are amazing."  Liz.


​~ Liz lost 4 dress sizes between February and June.  She first came to me following her bridesmaids dress fitting in January for her sisters wedding in June.  She contacted me after her final bridesmaids fitting to tell me the good news.

Low Self Esteem, Lack of Confidence with the Opposite Sex, Social Anxiety - [April 2011]

Hi Shannon, it's [name removed as requested].  You helped me out a few month ago and said you wanted me to let you know how I was doing.... Well, I'm going on a date Saturday, so am looking forward to that.. But the bit that matters to me is I am really happy for the first time in so long. I haven't had a bad thought about myself since the sessions, have got a little promotion in my job and am just so relaxed about everything. I know it's your job but thank you so much, it has made such a difference to my life. I would recommend what you do to anyone.
Hope you are well.

Stress and Anxiety - [May 2010]

Hi Shannon,
Just wanted to say thank you very much for your help. Our first session has had a positive impact on the way I feel and think. I had a wonderful nights sleep Tuesday night, was up at 5am on Wednesday and queuing to get in the gym at 6:30am. I had done my shopping by 10:30 and was building my step sisters new wardrobes by 12:30. No anxiety and no stress!  I'm absolutely delighted and if you have any hats or T shirts I would be more than happy to hand them out for you as well as wearing them myself (as long as you have my size in black).

Many thanks again.

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