Weight Loss    

​Tried all the diets….?​

Tried slimming clubs….?

Desperately want to lose weight?

But just can’t keep it off?



There have been many solutions provided to help people lose weight, ranging from pure will power to pills, diets and slimming clubs.


It can be a grueling time trying to loose weight and for many people weight loss through dieting is often only short-lived.


Gastric band and gastric bypass surgery can cost many thousands of pounds, even belonging to slimming clubs adds up after time.


What if you could learn a different way of eating and develop a different relationship with food? ​ What if you could lose weight and keep it off?


  • ​​Without weight loss surgery

  • Without anything virtual

  • Without dieting

  • Without depriving yourself of your favourite foods


Well now you can with Programme Slim


Programme Slim, developed by Mind Body Balance Studios Shannon Douglas is a personalised, holistic, weight loss & wellness programme focusing specifically on you and your needs when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. 


Visit the Programme Slim website to find out more:



A personalised non diet weight loss programme

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